Sometimes I like to write, sometimes I don’t. My interests vary by the month, though I come back to various things in cycles.

Outside of cars and sex, shockingly I have a life :). Just about to get into proper 4×4’ing, I’m into general computer stuff (fascinated by the idea of using the GPU as a coprocessor-that’s geeky eh?). I’m really into my books and have a large collection of hypnosis, persuasion, therapy and similar materials. Didn’t say I’d read them all of course ;).

Currently I’m slowly training in a mixed martial art with a private instructor. Why? Because I need an excuse to get off my fat arse really and outside of sex, martial arts is the only exercise I enjoy that much.

I used to be into memory and intelligence, but the latter wore off!

In case you ask, firstly check out my manual on screwing a car if you are really keen for a graphic description. Secondly, no I don’t molest strangers cars in car parks, driveways and stuff. I find that undignified and a rude, bad mannered thing to do. But I’m British :).

If you want to lend me one for that purpose, hell, that’s fair game :).

That’s all for today folks.