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Natural, easy persuasion-Do you have it? Would you like to take it to the next level?
Tom and Kim of Essential Skills have courses, and DVD’s that blow any other persuasion training out of the water-without effort. They introduce you to an ease and elegence, without a trace of “smugness” and with lots of laughter and fun. You’ll come out of their training with the ability to notice how natural it is to simply connect to anyone you need to influence positively. You’ll feel like you’ve always had the skill and simply forgotten it. They’re that good. See the video blog for yourself.
Interview technique extract:-
Lookout for more videos over the next few weeks. The best way to learn is to setout to teach sometimes-and this is something I will be doing week be week.  Enjoy the clip, let me or Tom and Kim know if you find it useful :).
Tonight we have a TV, mentioned in a previous post. It will be interesting to see what people have to say. How many folks will appear that realise that they are not alone. How many folks will learn somethingnew, and bizarre. :). Who knows.
I think the show waw well put together, and fair. Giving Edward and Jordan equal air time. It wasn’t me who sent them a rude email however LOL. I got on fine with the folks who contacted me, it was simply I didn’t need more exposure! The Sun was enough thank you.
Just so you know, I stick to my cars or those of curiousity seekers that lend them to me, in a garage! Public sex doesn’t do it for me LOL.
There will be new stories soon. Meanwhile do you like the cartoons? A friend did them for me and he’s available for cartoon work I believe. He doesn’t have a site yet however.

I’ve read a book from this fellow on Impro that has impressed me enough to read it twice. A full review will come very soon. Needless to say, if you are into people watching-get this book. If you are into spontaneous creativity, get this book. Every action we take deep down is influenced by status plays. Have a look, spend a few pennies on Amazon then come back and tell me I’m right :).

There are two people advertised on my page, directly by me. Why? Because they are brilliant. They excel at what they do yet are not “BIG NAMES”–yet.
Paul of Real Smart hypnosis is a highly effective multitalented hypnotherapist with lots of cross over trainings and certifications who very simply helps YOU get you what you really want.

This is only a short piece to allow me to develop some ideas regarding the essay on memorising a book that will be online very soon.

This post itself is not a fine example of edited and revised writing. It should be a nicely laid out, well written piece of work, however as usual I am shooting from the hip, and talking about what I’m thinking right this minute. At a later stage I may delete this post and have edited a proper version. Comments are welcome, just be aware I’ve only just memorised the 50 writing tools I mention elsewhere, and have to practice each one over time. The metaphor drawn below I hope will be of use to a few people. This work precedes the eventual posting of the more complete memory palace article.

Firstly I’ve had it mentioned memorising is not understanding. Secondly a few have said what is the point?

So for the sake of completeness I’ll cover these questions.

In order to apply the keywords system to a book and then memorise those in a memory palace, you have to have processed the information sufficiently to build relevant keywords. This processing alone is a major way to learn and understand new information.
The point of memorising a book, will vary from subject to subject and person to person. Some books don’t need memorising at all, just referring to; others are so boring that you will fall asleep in trying. My article applies only to those books you wish to actually memorise all or part of.

Preparing the ground for new knowledge and understand can be compared to gardening. You decide to plant some vegetables and flowers. You dig up the soil, break it up, add fertiliser and rake it over. You then plant your seeds or cuttings. You water them and generally look after them. With new knowledge you may apply a similar plan.

Firstly, skimming through a book or multiple books on a subject could be likened to digging up the soil. Checking out main areas within the subject, getting an overview and a general idea of where you will be going-again is preparation.

The raking of the ground, could be your first mindmap of the subject. Your first list of major keywords (subject headings, main titles, key areas). Placing these in major locations in a new memory palace could be seen as raking the ground, of your memory. A scaffolding image does occur to me, but for now I will stick with gardening.

Building keywords and phrases section by section could be seen as preparing the soil with fertiliser. Digging into the details of what each keyphrase represents could be seen as planting the seeds.

Finally, to water and take care of your plants, the habits of rehearsing the memory palace you’ve created, testing yourself and making inquiries of the knowledge will allow it to grow and make strong connections with prior knowledge.

This is something I’ve found for myself when I realised hypnosis, comedy, speech writing, writing and music all have patterns that you can relate to each other.