Well I still have Marcus :). I’ve got a forum that’s been up 8 months now:-www.sexwithcars.org . On that side of things, no real changes apart from a dalliance with an S Reg 4.0l Range Rover recently.

The last 4 months has seen me building the foundations of an eventual change in career. I’ve been studying neuroscience and all the bits that I need to understand to really get into it. Today, I acquired a biochemistry book (Stryer) to add to the library that’s accumulating in my study space. Right now, 2 hrs a day split between basic neuroscience, chemistry and psychology. Eventually I will do something more formal, but for now homestudy works :). This means I can begin to look at and examine how the mind works from a real science angle instead of the new age claptrap that so much of the net relies on. At least that’s the plan.

Wish me luck huh? :).