If you haven’t found it already and are a mechaphile, come and see us at www.sexwithcars.org .

I’m currently self studying neuroscience with the idea of going to Uni sometime as a mature student. However to do this I also need some basics, like math (beyond gcse), chemistry and some physics. This should keep me rather busy.

I’m keen to learn more about how and why sexual preferences vary so much. Also, I want to understand the real science behind my own ability to cause healing to accelerate in people I’ve worked on in the past. I’m not interested in mystical beliefs OR pseudo science. Rather, I’m intending to end up being qualified to work with various scanning technologies and research methods and find out what is REALLY going on. It should be fun. I may find nothing more than jazzed up placebo skills.

For now, however-come see us at sexwithcars if your into it.