Well I cant wait to see Jordan and Edward on their mildly pornographic roadtrip tonight. Though I’ve already been told that Edward has demonstrated car valet with a difference-on camera. Way to go Edward :). I personally couldn’t just find cars in public to play with, but hey, he gets more sex than I do!

Anyway if any new mechaphiles find this site due to channel five, be sure to check out my other links and the yahoo group. It may become rather busy. It would be good to allow other folks with this fetish to contact each other more.

It doesn’t matter about negative comments btw. If you have a car or similar fetish and feel awkward due to idiocy, think on this. You could have a lot of other fetishes, some of which are incredibly difficult to deal with. We’ve got one that makes it easy to sell cars if we wanted :). Look up paraphilia’s-some fetishes are genuinely dangerous, there are a few that are totally illegal. So all in all, we’re getting pleasure without any bad consequence.

The other thing is, who has the right to judge? There is a time-when a person harms another-then he/she is open to judgement for their ACTIONS. That’s it.

Anyway, that’s all from me. Oh and thanks to various forums who I’ll now link on this page and my other blog because their moderators and communities are great open minded people.