Well at last, Marcus the jacked up Hilux Quadcab was left at my mercy last night, in a heated workshop stuck over a pit.

I was gentle with him of course. I was staying late to do some bodywork and in return I was getting to play with him. 

I did take my time as I ain’t sure how often I’ll get to play with him. I’m hoping to own him one day, as we really like each other. At least I think so!

I started on licking his mildly mucky bodywork…especially low down. He don’t get much attention there usually. Ran my tongue over his chromed bars front, rear and on the top.
Played with his wheels and tyres-they’re big and hot.

Smelling him, and humping him gently I get more turned on now. I have a little sheath that makes it easier for me to cum whilst playing, I was hard the whole time.  I climbed under the rear wheels and had my first taste of his diff, which is leaky. That was hot and I decided that I was also come back to the diff and shoot over his propshaft whilst licking it clean. Tasted nice not what I expected gearoil to taste like!

I moved to his front axel, and spent time tonguing clean this, the sump, his gearbox and anything else I could reach. I’ve never gone this far underneath any car before, but it was hot and horny for both of us. I’m going to do it again someday, and let him in particular feed me as well. Just has to be done, he’s fucking gorgeous. :-). The whole time my hands get muckier. I had

started off wearing latex gloves, but Marcus prefers the feel of my skin really and I prefer to feel him properly. Probably true for us all. It was hot that he wasn’t clean really down there. I preferred him as he was-it he’d been seriously mucky from rough off roading, even better.

I slowly tongued my way back up the propshaft to his diff. Having decided thats where I’d like to finish, I proceeded to explore this thoroughly with my tongue whilst working my way up to shooting. This took me twenty minutes and I because very well acquainted with the taste of him here. I concentrated a lot on the area where he’d leaked, there was something hot about that and I dripped sweat from holding myself in the serving position under him. As I write I’m getting a little hard now, thinking about doing him again and again. Next time I lick his diff drain plug,

I’m going to open it and swallow from him. Might have to throw it back up quickly maybe, but it’s so horny not sure I’m bothered :-). Finally with the drain plug nut (it’s big), stretching my mouth open and with my tongue cleaning it as hard as I could, I shot and shot and shot all over the propshaft. I didn’t stop kissing him there for about 5 minutes afterwards.

When I eventually crawled out-with difficulty (kept getting distracted hehe), I climbed into his bed, licking him the whole time, and went lightly to sleep kind of hugging him. In the past when I’ve done something more dirty than usual, I’ve wanted to get away and clean fast. Not this time. I was chuffed to have the taste of him in my mouth for a while and was reluctant to clean my mouth out later that night! Good job I was so tired, because I was considering doing him a second time last night.