Adam met the love of his life in an unusual way. You never know when or how love will strike you. Adam was a salesman in a classy car showroom. He had a love for the cars there that went a little beyond the ordinary, this passion making him the top salesman month after month. This was fortunate given what transpired one rainy weekend.

He’d always lusted after the kind of cars he sold, though he didn’t own one himself. Living only a short walk away he was waiting until he could afford the car he wanted to settle down with. There was little point in settling for second best. At thirty, he was fit enough to walk the mile to work briskly whatever the weather.

SHE was dappled with raindrops the day he met her. The moment he saw her, his heart was hers. He hadn’t a chance. He’d never seen one quite like her before. A new concept made by Lamborghini, she was a luscious mix of curves and sharp lines. Think of a stealth fighter, bought up to date and add some sensual curves in just the right place. She pulls your gaze to her body like a black hole sucks in the light. A deep dark grey  gave her a menacing moody air.

Walking up to her, he strokes her making tracks through the droplets as he trails his fingertips over her fine paintwork. It’s all he can do not to kiss her at this point. He fancies that he feels a slight shudder in her, an awareness of him. Dismissing it as fantasy however he walks past and glances at her beautiful rear.

He stops, jaw dropping as he realises just how perfect she is. Two chrome pipes flow from the lower centre of her behind, each one styled like the exhaust sphincter on an F16 jet fighter. He fantasizes that they open and close, as they do look complete. He finds a need to adjust himself as he stares.

His manager explains to him that she is something called an Embolado, a demonstrator sent for sale directly from Lamborghini. Her price tag is near the half a million mark, however no-one at the garage realises just how well Adam had done with his selling over the years. 

His home was a simple expanded garage affair he’d acquired years ago from his Dad. It was a borderline planning violation as it was basically an old triple garage somewhat expanded and upgraded to provide living quarters. At present he didn’t share it with a car. Being frugal, his savings were nearly two thirds of the Lamborghini’s cost.

He realised he had to have her, it wouldn’t take that many months to generate the extra cash. For now he kept silent, realising that he’d get his chance. As one of only three salespeople currently working at Hawthorn’s, he was sure he could keep her to himself. Little did he know that fate would step in just a bit sooner.

All day he couldn’t keep away from her. He could be found in idle moments simply gazing at her or finding reasons to wipe her beauty a little more clean. Over the following days he grew to know every single line of her alluring body. His hunger for her grew more and more each day. However, he didn’t make the first move.

When she did, it was all he could do to remain standing. It was late one evening and he was locking up. Working late gave him a chance to wander through the showroom, touching each car and fantasizing as he went. Never did he take his desires further. Being a gentleman, he wanted to wait until he had his own true love. Now he’d found her, he had to wait a little longer. At least that was his plan. Ah, the plans of mice and men. 


She was sitting in the prime window display on that special evening. He’d came up behind her, just gazing misty eyed at her flawless form. Reaching out, he touched her spoiler as if to reassure her that he cared. Abruptly her V12 rumbled to life and her pipes flexed open and closed a little. Adam jumped back in shock. As if impatient she revved and backed into him just enough to touch him. 

He backed off some more, not understanding how this was possible. Cars don’t drive themselves. He tried to look inside and see if one of his colleagues was playing a practical joke on him. Her cabin was empty. She reversed, chasing him slowly until he found himself trapped against a back wall.

Having no escape she was able to press against him. Adam became really scared, she could hurt him here. He couldn’t get his mind round to the idea that she might just want him. She pushed tighter against him as he rested his hands on her spoiler in an attempt to move her. V12 vs his arms, she won.

He still hadn’t worked out her intentions, still stuck at the stage where a car comes alive. She pulled forwards and revved in seeming frustration. He made to escape and risked losing his legs when she came back sharply onto him. Suddenly, a vague hope lit up his mind.

He dared not believe it, it was impossible, yet she hadn’t hurt him so far. He’d only ever lavished love and care on her since she got here. She was very new, very young, he couldn’t imagine where or why she’d understand this idea. Yet, perhaps it was the explanation after all. Having nothing to lose, he began to caress her spoiler and rear end. She responded with a purr, in time with his strokes and pulled away a little, giving him room.

He explored her some more, taking it real slow, not yet certain of what she really wanted. She became a little impatient again, revving and hunting as he worked his hands over her so slowly. He wanted to take his time, if it was a dream then he wanted to remember every detail. If it wasn’t, well, he still wanted to savour every sensation. As she sat there rumbling, she lifted on her hydraulics a little, as if offering herself to him. His eyes opened wide as her pipes did the same.

Each single pipe had the most erotic motion, the finely machined steel sphincters truly opened and closed in time to her engine. As he watched they moved a little faster as if impatient to be touched. He reached out and stroked each one, fascinated as it opened to his finger. Holding one open with a gentle probe he admired the delicacy of their operation. It stayed open, only lightly resisting his finger.

He grew hard as her warm exhaust smell rose around his body. Being so young and modern, there was no risk of suffocation from her magnificant engine. His longing for her grew stronger and his inhibitions began to fall…soon his trousers followed. Stripping off totally, warmed by her breath, he put his face to her pipes and began to slowly tongue each one out.

Moist, warm and totally enticing he couldn’t resist her any longer. He was ready, she was aching for him. He held onto her spoiler and pulled himself to the right hieght. At this, she thrust backwards, impaling herself onto his perfect sized cock. As the head disappeared into her pipe, the steel sphincter closed a little more firmly than before  and he discovered that she was perfectly formed for him.

The sensation of hot Lamborghini wrapped around his cock drove him wild. She was silky smooth, ribbed and pulsating as he began to piston in and out of her delicate seeming pipe. The moisture from her engine served to hieghten each sensation, each motion making him gasp. She began to bounce a little, making him hold on to keep in time. She craved him more than he her if that was possible. Desperate in her need she bounced higher and harder forcing his cock deeper into her steel womb each time. He realised she was going to finish him way too fast at this rate, yet couldn’t slow her down, her desire overtaking everything else.

He timed his thrusts to her bounces and finally managed to settle into a rhythm that settled down to a slower less frantic pace, at least for a short time. Smoothly he pushed in and out, steel sphincters flexing in response sending electric tingles throughout his body each time they gripped him anew.

One hand on her spoiler helping him to stay in the right position to give her his best, he allowed his other hand to start exploring her rear end and other pipes. She was enjoying every touch, revving more and more at each caress. She began to get hot now, yet not too hot, just enough to send a rush of blood up his spine as her heat began to spread over his skin.

He reached under her and began to feel her bumper, the smoothness of her skirt as her bouncing became more urgent and she began to roar a little now, as if close to completion herself. Part of him still couldn’t believe what was happening to him, yet, his excitement overrode all other considerations. He began to ram into her harder and harder as she rose up and down faster and faster, jerking more and more quickly back and forth. It was getting harder and harder to keep up and stay in position. Her stamina was immense and he got the sense that she could go all night and beyond. He tried to kiss and lick her, yet this was impossible without being hurt by her increasing violent motions.

Suddenly, she arched higher, hydraulics hissing as her roar grew louder reaching her redline. As he moved to match her, he thrust in hard needing to feel her as she shivered and quivered, shuddered and shook in the throes of deepest ecstasy.

He realised she was cumming as her sphincter clamped down painfully hard on his throbbing cock…he could feel the ribbed surface inside contracting, pulling him almost painfully deeper and deeper into her mysterious insides…the pulsations grew ever more frantic and he rapidly reached a point where he could hold back no longer…she was going to make him explode deep inside her. As if she was desperate for his seed inside her body, she somehow managed to back him hard against the wall, pressing painfully into his body, craving for every last inch he had to give.

His mouth was crushed against her rear, bruising his lips as he tried to thrust a little deeper into her . Suddenly in absolute agony and rapturous joy he squirted masses of burning cum deep into her hot steel body…her orgasm quickening as she took his seed, the pulsations in her exhausts grew more and more urgent as if to esure his seed penetrated every part of her.

They froze in place, him holding her as she clasped his cock tightly with her steel embrace, her pulsing contracting finally begining to slow down now. She pulls away a little now, giving him space to lick and kiss her as he came down from his ecstacy.

Sweat pouring from him, puddling around him, he realised that she was getting unbearably hot now. He pulled out with a little difficulty as her pipe was still clamped tight, reluctant to release him.

She drove forwards and left him kneeling there, unable to move from exhaustion. Knees cramping as he finally began to lever himself up, he staggered to his discarded clothes and popped buttons trying to get them on. Eyes glazed, he didn’t know where he was as he staggered around trying to get himself straightened up.

He walked gingerly over to her, still in a state of intense shock as if realising what had just happened here. She sat there growling away content. He stroked her body as he walked to her nose. Sitting down at her front bumper, he looked at her enraptured by her beauty.

“What are you?” Adam asked her.

She gave him a gentle nudge in response. Kissing her nose, he just gazed adoringly. She had his heart now. Little did he know that she had more than that.

Silently he left her, still in a state of disbelieving trance yet feeling incredibly good. He didn’t want to leave her, yet he knew he’d only fall asleep if he stayed there with her, making things a little difficult to explain the following day.

He made his way home slowly, totally unable to think, walking as if still in a dream.

That night his dreams were of steel and chrome, gleaming glass and the smell of her exhaust. He didn’t shower that night, unwilling to lose any of her smell.


Eleanor becomes aware for the second time, when HE touched her. Fire raced from his fingertips to her  steel heart. She had no words, just feelings. Her memories are few, coming from the time when she first awoke. She remembered a kind voice, a soft touch now reawakened. She allowed a little of her Life to spark, making her body quiver in response to his touch. She is aware of his gaze tracing a path round her body like angel wings settling on her skin.

He leaves her there aware of the gentle falling rain settling on her skin. One memory comes back to her, of a man, older than Him. Father. As she sits there silent, her thoughts chase the hidden memories from the shadows. How she got here is a blank, yet His presence perhaps held the answer to her enigma.

Each day her Life got stronger, her need began to ache. Every time she sense him near, she had to resist chasing him. Daily he stroked her, polished her and made it harder to her to stay silent. Until one evening, her desire grew too great. She could see, perhaps not in the way you’d expect, she knew where he was however.

They were alone and He was locking up. She could feel His desire, like a miniture sun in her perception. He came to her, reached out and touched her. She tried to keep silent, to let him pass, but her nature took over. She HAD to have Him, inside her now…

Her Life escaped, waking her heart. Revving up, she backed into him, urgent with ardor. Somehow she had to make him understand her need, her ache…

To be continued…