Or just those you really care about?

 I’m pretty good at pleasing myself. I’m ok at pleasing some of those I care about, though not always. How hard however should I try to please the worldviews of everyone?

 Apart from the impossibility of that, I don’t think I should try at all actually.

Henceforth, I’m not going to. My online blogs are pretty much about what I wish to write about. Mostly that’s sex, under this nickname. I can write about other things under other pen names. This is quite common.

 Look out for a project I’m starting soon that is going to be partly a community effort, detailing an online culture of mechaphiles and car fetishists. Something mildly overdue I think.

 There is one book out there already, however there isn’t enough meat in it. No erotic fiction, comedy, drawings, artwork etc. This is a gap I’m hoping I and various acquaintances can help fill.

Thanks for reading, watch this space.