I was mulling over the post I threw together yesterday and asking myself, what would I offer to be different to any other trainers?

 One answer occurred to me. If my aim was to cause a total win/win for my clients and their employees, a win/win that positively impacted their whole business and lives, then that in itself would be an attraction.

Yet there is the good old fashioned sales pitch to consider. All this work, is a sale. All talking therapies are actually selling an idea, a way to change, a new view of the self and provoking the client to find a new way out. This is a hard sale is it not in many cases?

NLP, various brief therapies, hypnotherapy and other forms of intervention carry jargon and new labels with them. My new company would need to have one particular genius-can I use the best of various disciplines to help all clients, whilst using straightforward everyday terms?

To my mind, I need to have the skill and sensitivity to be able to sell my product to a 12 year old, to a mechanic, to an office worker, a doctor or a top executive.

So the seminar and training program needs to be alive for people, as does the individual coaching sessions. Alive with solid description that paints pictures, rings bells and gives people a complete solid grasp of applicable new concepts.

This may be more complex than my simply getting over a fear of public speaking or of creating a business out of inexperience. However, the company HAS to be unique and the best. Not just motivation, not just life coaching and/or NLP, but a solid concise commonsense program that creates a deep lasting impact for all concerned.

Right now, I’m at the beginning. I’m looking at the various skills needed and am a beginner. However, all journeys start with a step, and both writing my thoughts up and making the public speaking course happen are some beginning steps. I may well publish much of my creation online, freely available to all and sundry. What I will be selling is my ability to train people to use these skills in the real world.

Further book reviews will appear on the other blog shortly.