I have been very busy working on something other than screwing any cute vehicles in site. Namely the art of memory.

Shortly there will appear an article on one of my sites that will attempt to teach you how to do this. Note memorising a book will not confer complete understanding, rather you will have to understand much of the material to engage the process in the first place. You will also have a framework within which to hook smaller chunks of information.

I have so far used this with several books and am going to embark on several more larger challenges over the coming months. Currently I have used Hope and Resiliency, Cialdini’s Influence, The 50 Writing Tools and the art of dealing with Manipulative people-a shorter article off the Rickross website. Also the Meta Model set out by Bandler and Grinder has been memorised, along with Hall’s not completely useful extensions.

My future challenges include the memorisation of an engine, gearbox, torque convertor, running gear etc. Also Roger Penrose’s large work entitle the Road to Reality. These two challenges represent a huge mnemonic task, but no more so than ancient mnemonists who recall the bible, the Vedas and generations of stories. It takes roughly an hour to encode about 30 phrases into the memory palace permanently. It takes that long to generate the key phrases. The Penrose book has 34 main chapter headings, with 8-18 sebsections for each and of course each one is stuffed with concepts. Here is where the power of a solid tree and key imagery will be most needed.

The obvious questions asked are going to be “Why?”. This I will answer and ignore the other comments that might be more derogatory J.

Firstly it’s a challenge, and a self proof of concept. Secondly I subscribe to the idea the more you use it, the more you learn, the more you can learn-caveat, if organised properly!.

Thirdly at 29 years old, the variety of books that I intend to memorise will serve as a mental investment for the future. My only mild regret is I didn’t create this tool sooner*.

I may document online the exact procedure and images I use. We’ll see how my motivation holds up. It’s not a small challenge J.

*I didn’t create the memory palace, it well documented. Paul McKenna describes the tree card system which I adapt and conjoin to the palace/loci system. The peg systems that can be added on are also ancient and well known as is the Major system.