Coming soon is my main article on memorising a book via the use of both a memory palace and a tree system. However in the mean time, I wanted to briefly type out two things and leave them online as self reminders. This is a departure from the usual fetish and car sex them, that’s a good thing, especially for this blog.

Firstly how to memorise directions is an article I need to write. It is fairly simple. All you do, is imagine the journey, sketching in imaginary generic roads, adding landmarks where you are given them. Using the hands of a clock and similar as mnemonics for turn counts on roundabout etc will help. Feel the turns, see and feel the distances and deliberately build each landmark in imaginary form if you’ve never seen it. Clear lables and exaggerated features will help a lot here. Once that’s done, imagine an overlay map, semi transparent if you like, that shows again the directions, and feel the drive as you examine this map. Repeat several times, and verbally in your mind as you rerun the journey. Try it out, see how good you can be. Note, add outlying main road names, alternative routes to the road, surrounding info so that if you get “lost” you can hook your way back into the route easily.

Secondly this is a more personal self reminder. I’ve come up with the notion of fishing nets and hooks for memory. To trawl back past knowledge I’m to provoke a themed mind map covering people, events, courses, relationships, skills/topics and more. The aim, is to see what knowledge floats up and links into current areas of psychological study. The theory being all knowledge is retained, just not marked out in the brain. is useful for this.

Also check out wikiHOW on how to make a memory palace.